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What is The Cursitor?

In 1894, The Fleet Street Club opened on Cursitor Street where it stood until a bomb destroyed it in 1941. The members were given shelter by The Column Club until 1946, whereupon they renamed themselves The Fleet Street Column Club.

In 1952, some of the original Fleet Street Club members arranged for a regular reunion, which they named The Cursitor Street Christmas Reunion Luncheon. It has been held successfully every year since then. The chosen charity that day was Great Ormond Street Hospital, and a number of charities have received generous donations every year since.

Now affectionately known as ‘The Cursitor’ it is recognized as the outstanding get-together for a wide variety of people associated with the media and their guests, old and young, male and female, buyer and seller, advertiser and advisor.

One of the many traditions to have survived is the atmosphere of friendship and warmth in which to celebrate the beginning of the festive season, and to pay tribute to our senior colleagues who have retired during the previous 12 months.

The Cursitor is a grand and joyous occasion but it is also a time to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. Significant sums have been raised for charity, including the advertising industry’s own charity, NABS.

Above all, The Cursitor is an occasion when friendships are formed and cemented, goodwill is unsurpassed, and we all feel a sense of pride in our industry.

The 2023 Cursitor committee is comprised as follows:-

President: Robert Hicks

Vice President: Stevie Antonioni

Committee Members: Martin Cole, Craig French, Matthew White, Sara Patel, Sophie Workman

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